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New Years ~yada-yada-yada January 2, 2008

Posted by only4now in Endorphins, Laughter, New years resolutions, Optimism.

I am not going to lie and tell anyone that I made any resolutions. I have made some ‘decisions’ to better my life. I know that ‘resolve’ and ‘decide’ are similar, but they are indeed different.

Resolve is merely a statement of formal intent (intent being the key word) Whereas decide is to arrive at a solution.  The first offers an excuse for failure before beginning as it is just a connotation to be tossed aside (as is the fashion with resolutions).

And a decision shows determination to actually come to a conclusion.

I know it can all be conceived as a play on words… But, I am decisive. I have power to win over the weakness in my mind. (sounds good right?)

I am exercising. Not to get back into the tiny little clothes I wore way back when. Nor am I exercising to look ‘hot’ with the Spring season just around the corner.

I am  exercising because the endorphin release gives off an amazing high.  I might even look into some of the other claimed endorphin sources… Chocolate, laughter, hot peppers, and even sex.

Yes, this years ‘decisions’ will be manageable!


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